Fashion Designer

Want to draw, tailor, and see your creations on beautiful bodies? Creativity is, however, not the only thing that a fashion desiger should have. The ­ability to second-guess trends, follow fashions around the world and create something uniquely your own will ensure your ­success. A fashion designer must be sensible to detail and have good ­visualisation skills as design is an expression of what one thinks, feels and ­experiences. He/she must be ­observant and have an open mind and understand the customers and their needs well. 

The ­Payoff

A fresh graduate joining the industry can expect to earn ­anywhere between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 40,000 per month. The pay increases as you gain experience. Your pay depends on the ­company you work for and the acceptability of your design. If your designs get accepted, then the sky is the limit for you as far money goes.

* Sincerity
* Great communication skills
* Ability to inspire awe
* Amazing amount of patience, empathy and maturity
* Ability to connect with people and understanding their ­requirements
* Should have great design skills and the flexibility to adapt to the global scenario

Getting there
After Class 12, opt for a ­professional course in designing to understand the nuances of fashion design and also learn how to market your products.